New Ibanez Fireman by Emi Gilbert

Paul's brand new Ibanez signature guitar, the FRM250MF has been announced, and is available for pre-order from Ibanez dealers like Sweetwater Sound:

Paul demonstrates the guitar and talks about its features on this video:

This year, Paul celebrates 25 years of signature guitars with Ibanez. The new Fireman is the culmination of two and a half decades of this very successful pairing.

The Ibanez FRM250MF is great for playing big, resonant notes... and for waving in the air like a javelin!

New Website by Emi Gilbert

Welcome to the brand new official Paul Gilbert website! Check the site often to get the latest news from the man who started teaching at GIT when he was 18, formed the progressive metal band RACER X, enjoyed number-one hit and arena-tour success with MR. BIG, got a drill stuck in his hair in front of 10,000 Rush fans, turned an Ibanez Iceman upside down to make it a Fireman, and will continue to surprise and stun listeners everywhere by playing impossible, and often musical, things on the electric guitar.

Special Thanks to James Chiang for the photography.

Special Thanks to Emi Gilbert for the website design.