New Album, New Tour! 2019 Will ROCK! by Emi Gilbert

The “Behold Electric Guitar” Tour begins soon in the USA! (and includes a date in Toronto, Canada as well.)

Check the TOUR page for cities and dates, and if you want to meet for autographs, photos, and an intimate guitar master class, check out the VIP TICKET page!

As usual, I will be playing guitar.

Asher Fulero will be playing keys.

Timmer Blakely will be playing bass.

Bill Ray will be playing drums.

I CAN DESTROY available now! by Emi Gilbert

Today’s the day. The 17th solo album by acclaimed guitar maestro PAUL GILBERT (Mr. Big), I CAN DESTROY, is out now via The Orchard on iTunes, Amazon, and major retail outlets. A video for the album’s first single, “Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal,” can be seen on PAUL’s official YouTube page.

A full album stream premiered yesterday on, while various interview video clips with PAUL GILBERT have premiered throughout the past week on,,,,, and  

“My guitar playing was born from playing in my teenage heavy rock bands,” GILBERT explains. “After playing for 40 years, I’ve been able to evolve the way that I see the fretboard, and how I hear the guitar in my head. This opens up my soloing, and also my writing. I couldn’t have written this music when I was a kid. I couldn’t have written these lyrics either. I needed time to live…to experience joy, and anger, and love, and frustration at people who don’t use their turn signals.”

It’s no accident that I CAN DESTROY cuts a wide swath of styles and textures, from the full-frontal assault of“Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal” to the jazz-blues lament of “One Woman Too Many” (which also features GILBERT’s patented four-pick Makita drill-bit riffery) to the radio-friendly balladeering of “Love We Had” to the smoking-hot gut/heart punch of “I Am Not the One (Who Wants To Be With You),” the latter track’s title a playful reference to the ubiquitous #1 hit GILBERT enjoyed as part of his gig as lead guitarist for the still-going-strong Mr. Big. 

GILBERT knew that I CAN DESTROY producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Rush, Joe Bonamassa), whom he previously collaborated with on Mr. Big’s 2011 release WHAT IF, would push him to do his best from the get-go. “One thing I knew about working with Kevin as a solo artist is that there weren’t going to be that many overdubs on the record — not that many takes, and not many fixes,” he reports. “As a musician, that puts the fear into you. It’s a good fear, and it made me want to prepare in a pretty healthy way.”

With Shirley onboard to get behind the board, GILBERT next had to cull together some top-drawer musicians to bring into the studio. “On drums, we’ve got Thomas Lang, who’s somewhat of a drumming legend, and on bass is Kevin Chown,” details Gilbert. “He was the only guy I’d never worked with before, and he was great. He played all the right stuff. He’s played with everybody from Chuck Berry and Little Richard to Sebastian Bach.”

I CAN DESTROY is already racking up rave reviews. Guitar World proclaimed, “Gilbert’s dazzling guitar work is at the center of a group of songs that vary stylistically from the Iron Maiden/Judas Priest vibe of the title track, to the Thin Lizzy/Boston-like ‘Knocking on a Locked Door’ and ‘One Woman Too Many,’ to the Steely Dan-flavored strains of ‘I Will Be Remembered.’” While in a separate story, declared, “...Gilbert cuts a wide swath of styles and textures. There's the full-frontal assault of‘Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal,’ the jazz-blues lament of ‘One Woman Too Many’ (which also features Gilbert's patented Makita drill-bit riffery) and the gut/heart punch of ‘I Am Not the One (Who Wants to Be with You).’”

In further news, PAUL GILBERT is gearing up for this summer’s Great Guitar Escape 3.0, which is being held July 25-29 at the Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, CA. Packages are available at the event’s official site,

For the camp’s third year, the legendary shredder went all out and invited a few iconic friends to join him as guest instructors. These include Megadeth’s Kiko Loureiro and Dave Ellefson as well as former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Art of Anarchy), Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), and master jazz guitarist Mimi Fox. This all-star lineup will be hosting workshops, reflecting their signature sounds and styles and offering an immersive experience for 75 campers. Moreover, they’ll be jamming, performing, and hanging with you 24/7. About the Great Guitar Escape 3.0, GILBERT comments, “I really feel like we got the best lineup possible for version 3.0. Each instructor brings something extremely unique to the table. You’re going to learn, feel inspired, and most of all have a great time. This is four days of complete and total guitar immersion. We can’t wait. Get ready!”

"I Can Destroy" The Pick! by Emi Gilbert

I've been using Tortex picks for 15 years, and I love them. For my newest pick design, I decided to try the Tortex "Wedge." It's shape is slightly bigger and easier to grip. I chose 50mm gauge which is very thin, but it allows me to get such a good scratchy tone on the wrapped strings. It reminds me a of the attack of a bow on a cello. I love my new picks!

I've been using Tortex picks for 15 years, and I love them. For my newest pick design, I decided to try the Tortex "Wedge." It's shape is slightly bigger and easier to grip. I chose 50mm gauge which is very thin, but it allows me to get such a good scratchy tone on the wrapped strings. It reminds me a of the attack of a bow on a cello. I love my new picks!

New Album "I Can Destroy" Released in Japan by Emi Gilbert

Paul's newest solo album "I Can Destroy" was released on Dec. 23rd in Japan on the WOWOW label. WOWOW has released deluxe versions of the album with bonus DVDs that include the writing, rehearsing, and recording of the album. With Kevin Shirley producing, and an amazing band of Freddie Nelson and Tony Spinner on guitars and vocals, Kevin Chown on bass, and Thomas Lang on drums, Paul rocks with more power and emotion than ever before. Must-hear tracks are "Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal," "I Can Destroy," "Woman Stop," and "I Am Not the One (Who Wants To Be With You)." 

"I Can Destroy" will be released soon in the USA and Europe, as well. 

Over 3000 Videos at Paul Gilbert's Online Rock Guitar School by Emi Gilbert

Paul Gilbert and Artistworks celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Paul's Online Rock Guitar School. In addition to his extensive rock guitar video course, Paul continually updates the site with video lessons specifically tailored for the students of the school. Members have access to this massive video library, which has a SEARCH feature, allowing you to look for videos about your particular interests. And of course, all members can send a video of their own playing to Paul and receive a direct lesson from Paul via Video Exchange. For the price of a pedal, you can revolutionize your playing. Check out the site now!

Paul Gilbert 2015 Clinic Tour of Italy, France, and England by Emi Gilbert


Get close-up as Paul explains and performs his latest guitar ideas!

April 6th – Romagnano Sesia (Novara - Italy) – Rock ‘n’ roll Arena – 8.30 pm - info:  

April 7th – Nice (France) – Salle Black Box – 9.00 pm - info:

April 8th – Bovisio Masciago (Monza e Brianza - Italy) – MFA – 9.00 pm - info:

April 9th – Pordenone (Italy) – Il Deposito – 9.00 pm - info: 

April 10th – Albignasego (Padova – Italy) – Work in Progress – 9.30 pm - info:

April 11th – Castegnato (Brescia – Italy) – Gasoline Road Bar – 10.30 pm – info:

April 12th – San Giovanni alla Vena (Pisa – Italy) – 9.45 pm – info:

April 13th – Genova (Italy) – L’Angelo Azzurro – 9.00 pm – info:

April 15th – Caserta (Italy) – Softly Live – 9.30 pm – info: 

April 16th – Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro – Italy) – Sala Cesare Nava – 8.00 pm – info:

April 17th – Alberobello (Bari – Italy) – Laboratorio Urbano G. Ian – 9.30 pm - info:

April 18th – Latina (Italy) – Palaroller – 8.30 pm – info:

April 19th – Teramo (Italy) – Arts Factory – 5.30 pm – info:

April 21st – Guildford (England) – Radisson Hotel Guildford - 8.00 pm – info:

April 22nd – Bologna (Italy) – Zona Roveri Music Factory - 9.00 pm – info:

April 23rd – Cagliari (Italy) – Fabrik – 9.30 pm – info:

April 24th – Palermo (Italy) – Palab – 9.00 pm – info:

Paul's Pedalboard for the MR. BIG World Tour by Emi Gilbert

I May Get in Trouble for This... by Emi Gilbert

                                                                                                 Photo: InRock / Katerina Mezhekova © 2013

                                                                                                 Photo: InRock / Katerina Mezhekova © 2013

I was making a video for DiMarzio pickups recently, when I felt a sudden urge to make a "Public Service Announcement" about rock and roll strap length.

I suspect that I might get in trouble with the high-strap-wearing crowd, but if even one guitarist gets better vibrato because my message... it will all have been worth it.

And no matter what height you prefer, DiMarzio makes some great straps.

Thank you,


It's a Boy. by Emi Gilbert

Please welcome to Earth: Marlon Kanzan Gilbert

He's got long fingers and a loud voice. This is my first time to be a dad. I'm pretty excited. And much love to my wife, Emi, for doing the hard work. 

Thank you,



2000 Paul Gilbert Videos, and The 2000 Ibanez Guitar by Emi Gilbert

Paul Gilbert celebrates the 2000th "Video Exchange" from his Rock Online Guitar School, by playing a solo on his Ibanez "2000" light-show guitar.

You can have access to Paul's full rock guitar course (beginning to advanced), access to thousands of Paul's past Video Exchanges, and the opportunity to learn from Paul directly with new Video Exchanges of your own, by signing up at Paul's Online Rock Guitar School at Artistworks. For details, click this link...